January 22, 2020

ACON Rovers about this Mardi Gras period

The ACON Rovers want to wish everyone a fabulous and safe Mardi Gras season! Whether you’re heading out or partying at home this Mardi Gras, have fun and remember to look after yourself and your mates.

GHB overdoses are on the increase –  so avoid mixing GHB with alcohol, take care dosing, wait between doses and if you see anyone “sleeping” wake them up and get them to a Rover or medical.


The ACON Rovers are teams of specially trained volunteers who provide health promotion services at sexuality and gender diverse events.

Each ACON Rover is trained, supervised and equipped to:

  • Help patrons who require medical assistance to easily access onsite services.
  • Provide harm reduction services to patrons (e.g. provide water, encourage people to take breaks and cool down, provide accurate alcohol and drug information).
  • Provide party information to patrons (e.g. directions, lost property, show times, DJ info).
  • Help patrons easily access party basics (e.g. band aids, ear plugs, sunscreen).


Our ACON Rovers will be making sure everybody is having a fabulous and safe time at the following events:  Fair Day, Mardi Gras Party, Laneway Party, Daywash Candyland, Apollo and Kiki Pool party Mardi Gras weekender.


Find out more about the ACON Rovers.

Interested in being a volunteer? Check out our volunteers page.