May 3, 2018

Getting tested and treated for Hepatitis C is easier than ever at Clinic 414

In the past, treatment for Hepatitis C was challenging with many people suffering nasty side effects, making the whole experience extremely unpleasant. It generally consisted of a 12 month course of medications, and a low cure rate. With the introduction of the new and improved medications that are now available, side-effects are minimal and in many cases, no side-effects are experienced at all. A course of treatment for hepatitis C is now over a 12 week period and the new medication Epclusa is effective with all 4 genotypes.

The good news is that the cure-rate is almost 100% successful in most people who start treatment. The medications are also on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), meaning that everyone can now access treatment with the cost being less of a barrier. The treatment involves 3 scripts over 12 weeks; the cost is $6.40 per script with a concession card or $36 per script without.

To help make the new hepatitis C treatments more accessible for everyone, ACON’s Needle and Syringe program has expanded our service with the introduction of – CLINIC 414.

CLINIC 414 has been established specifically to address the needs of people who inject drugs.  The main focus of our clinic is to give easy access to assessment and treatment for hepatitis C.

CLINIC 414 is in partnership with the Kirketon Road Centre, who provides the specialised nursing staff, experienced in drawing blood and operating a portable fibroscan unit. A fibroscan is used to assess the health of the liver prior to commencement of hepatitis C treatment.

Getting a fibroscan is quick, easy and painless. Having a fibroscan is similar to having an ultrasound. During a fibroscan, a hand held device is scanned over the abdomen area and displays any fibrosis or fatty tissue in the liver on the attached monitor. A fibroscan will indicate how healthy your liver is and a print-out will be given to you, so that you can see what the status of your liver is. The results are provided on a spectrum ranging from no or low fibrosis (no or little evidence of liver damage) to cirrhosis (extensive liver damage).

If you access ACON’s Needle and Syringe Program then Clinic 414 is a service just for you where our friendly staff will treat you with respect and compassion.

Other services provided at CLINIC 414, include wound care, sexual health check-ups, general health check-ups, Hepatitis B vaccinations, as well as information and referrals to drug and alcohol services.

Staff at our Needle and Syringe Program, are friendly and are more than happy to discuss the reason for your visit, as well as explaining exactly what is involved depending on your needs during your time at the clinic. Tea/coffee and light refreshments are part of the service, so while you wait to see the Nurse, you can sit back, watch the latest music videos, or simply have a chat with our friendly staff.



 CLINIC 414 is a free and confidential service and a Medicare Card is not required. No appointment is necessary, but if you would like to make an appointment you can speak to our NSP staff and they can book you in and send friendly reminders.

CLINIC 414 is located on the ground floor of ACON’s premises at 414 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, (just a short walk from Central Station) and is adjacent to the Needle and Syringe Program.

CLINIC 414 is open every Monday from 2pm until 4pm, for more information visit:

or call: 9206 2000