July 15, 2019

Supporting a partner, friend or family member around alcohol or drug use

A resource written by LGBTQ people for LGBTQ people

When it comes to seeking support for issues associated with alcohol and drug use, partners, friends and family members play a key role in helping LGBTQ individuals. The support provided by peer networks and chosen families is incredibly important particularly as some LGBTQ people do not have strong relationships with their biological families.

In recognising this, ACON has developed a Partners Friends and Family resource. The booklet aims to help LGBTQ networks to provide appropriate care and support for their loved ones who are experiencing alcohol and/or drug related issues. It provides practical information about how to be an effective support person and important advice on how to exercise self-care. The Partner’s Friends and Family booklet gives information and support to those in our communities who are supporting peers and loved ones experiencing problems related to alcohol and or drug use.

LGBTQ communities have always demonstrated an impressive capacity to care for each other. The Partner’s Friends and Family resource recognises and encourages this culture of care among LGBTQ people

If you or someone you know might benefit from reading this information, the Partners, Friends and Family booklet can be easily downloaded here: Partners Friends and Family resource 

The Partners, Friends and Family resource has been written by LGBTQ people for LGBTQ people.

If you are service provider and you would like a printed copy of the resource mailed to your service, please contact aod@acon.org.au.