Staying safe: During the party

We all want to have a good time when we’re partying. While we might enjoy getting a little bit loose during a big celebration, it’s always best to retain some control.  On this page, we’ve got a few tips on how to stay safe during the party!

Respect the boundaries of those around you

Check in with those around you about their boundaries, and respect them. Some drugs make us disinhibited and horny, and many of us intentionally combine drugs with sex.

We’ve written a lot of information about respecting boundaries, sexual communication, and sexual consent on Pivot Point.  We encourage you to read these pages and make sure you understand laws as they related to sexual consent. Also, check out our Say It Out Loud website for information on consent, sexual violence and healthy relationships.

Party with friends

Surrounding yourself with people you care for, and trust is a great way to stay safe and keep an eye out for each other.  If you’re heading out to a large event or a club, make sure you all have each other’s Aim to stick together but have a plan in place in case you get lost. Think about where you will find each other again, and agree on a designated meeting place.

Start low, go slow

We say this one all the time, always remember to try whatever you are taking with a low dose to start, see how it feels and proceed with caution. Remember you can always take more but once you have taken something you can’t take less.

Be aware that stimulating and crowded environments can make drugs and alcohol hit harder. Environment and excitement can also encourage you to take more than you normally would. Ask yourself before you take anything - how long since my last dose? What else have I taken? Am I having fun with the amount I've taken now?

Time your doses

Write down the times and doses of everyone who’s taken something, timing doses carefully is especially important if you are using GHB.

The team at DanceWize NSW have some great resources about dosing intervals.

Measure your doses

Always use equipment to measure your dose, barrels make it easier to do this.

Stay hydrated

You can use cups for measuring, 1 cup for relaxing and 2 cups if you are active!

Take breaks

Taking time for yourself away from the action to chill out can be a great way to check in with yourself, notice how you are feeling, remind yourself to drink water and prevent yourself from overheating.

Host events in well-ventilated spaces

If you’re planning to host a gathering, consider hosting in an outdoor space, or somewhere with plenty of ventilation and space for people to physically distance themselves.

Stay home if you’re unwell and get tested

It’s very hard to miss the party, but spreading COVID-19 or anything else to your friends and fellow partygoers is best avoided. Remember there will always be another party, rest up and get better.













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