The ACON Rovers

The ACON Rovers program has been operating since 2003. Rovers are a volunteer-based community led initiative and we promote a culture of care at sexuality and gender diverse dance parties and events. Rovers are sexuality and gender diverse peers and allies and we work in teams to:

  • Help patrons who require medical assistance to easily access onsite services
  • Provide harm reduction services to patrons (e.g. provide water, encourage people to take breaks and cool down, provide accurate alcohol and drug information)
  • Provide party information to patrons (e.g. directions, lost property, show times, DJ info)
  • Help patrons easily access party basics (e.g. band aids, ear plugs, sunscreen)
  • ACON Rovers are not security and are only concerned with people’s health and safety.

ACON recently surveyed community members about the Rover’s program. In this survey we found that:

  • 84% indicated that they knew who the ACON Rovers were,
  • 98% of those familiar with the ACON Rovers agreed or strongly agreed that we provide an important service at dance parties.
  • 88 out of 91 respondents who had received assistance from Rovers in the past agreed that Rovers were supportive and non-judgemental.

From the moment the ACON Rovers enter a venue, we are showered with words and gestures of excitement, encouragement and above all, gratefulness from partygoers for the invaluable service that we provide to the community.

Having the ACON Rovers on site is a great way for promoters and event organisers to support the health and wellbeing of patrons. If you are an event organiser and you are interested in having Rovers at your event, check out our information for promoters page.

We’re always interested in hearing from people who would like to volunteer for our ACON Rover program. If you are interested in becoming an ACON Rover, read about what’s involved on our volunteers page.


Our volunteer Rovers provide a valuable service and give up a lot of their personal time to do so. If you would like to leave a message of thanks to the Rovers, please do! Whether you’ve been helped out by the Rovers out at a party or whether you just appreciate the service the Rovers provide let us know!


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