Information for Volunteer Rovers

Volunteering as an ACON Rover is a fun was to give back to the sexuality and gender diverse community. When you become an ACON Rover you will learn some great skills and meet a nice group of fellow volunteers. When you Rove you also get to go to parties for free!

You can read a little bit more about what it’s like to be an ACON Rover here 


When you become an ACON Rover you will be invited to volunteer at LGBTQ dance parties and events. We work year round, at night clubs and at bigger festivals like Tropical Fruits and Mardi Gras.

At events we help patrons access onsite medical services, we hand out fans and water and we monitor dance floors, toilets and chill spaces at parties to ensure that everyone is safe and having fun.  Rover’s always work in pairs!

ACON Rovers are greatly appreciated by our sexuality and gender diverse community, party goers often express their gratitude which can make Roving a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.


Before roving you will be enrolled in our new eLearning course. The eLearning modules will teach you how to:

  • Identify signs and symptoms associated with alcohol and drug overdose
  • Offer support to patrons
  • Communicate effectively with party goers and their friends
  • Work in partnership with event medical, security and venue staff
  • Provide harm reduction information and advice to patrons about alcohol and other drugs

After the modules, you will be required to attend a short in-person session at our office in Surry Hills as a follow up. After training you will then be invited to sign up to some Rover shifts where you will be partnered with a more experienced Rover. Experienced Rovers will help you hone your skills and build your confidence.


You do not need to have any previous medical experience or training to become an ACON Rover. We do however ask that you have an enthusiasm for working with sexuality and gender diverse communities in a night club / dance party setting.

The role is suited for non-judgmental, motivated and calm people who are happy to work within a sensitive working environment.

The Rover program is currently active in Lismore and Sydney, currently we only work at parties and run Rover training in these two locations.

We accept expressions of interest from all sexuality and gender diverse people and allies.


If you would like to sign up to become an ACON Rover we ask that you fill in the expression of interest form below. Once you have filled in this form the Rover program coordinator will make contact with you in the lead up to a new round of recruitment.

We typically recruit new Rovers twice a year in Sydney once in August and once in January / February.  In Lismore, we recruit new Rovers in the lead up the Tropical Fruits Festival which happens annually over the New Year holidays.


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