March 7, 2019

LGBTIQ Substance Support

ACON provides a free and confidential substance support counselling service

We know that most LGBTIQ people who use alcohol and other drugs do not experience problems however some of us might require a little bit of support.

When we say ‘problems’ what we mean is use of alcohol or drugs that impacts on other areas of life. This might be our physical or emotional wellbeing, our relationships, finances, employment or our housing situation.  If you or a friend has experienced problems in relation to alcohol or other drugs, you may also notice that you don’t feel like doing what you should or normally would be doing in your work, home or personal life.

Where to go for help?

ACON offers a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL substance support counselling service.

The Substance Support service provides short term counselling of up to 12 sessions with the ability to re-enter as required, assisting people to better manage their use, cut down or quit. We also offer support to partners, family and friends. Our counsellors are LGBTIQ community connected and understand how and why LGBTIQ people use drugs and alcohol.

We work in a community based setting and most people think that we’re approachable.

If you’re not in Sydney, don’t worry you can access our service via phone or skype.

When you access our service, our counsellors can also link you in with a range of other LGBTIQ services and programs.

What do LGBTIQ people say about ACON’s substance support service? 

Most people who come along recommend our service to others. Below we’ve listed some of the feedback that we’ve received from our community members in the past.

 “[Counsellor] was always so supportive and non- judgmental and really gave me all the tools I needed to get back on track”

“[Counsellor] was very easy to talk to and get along with and made me feel 100% comfortable and easy to relate to”.

“[Counsellor] is one of the best counsellors I have ever seen. I have never once felt judged or looked down upon while accessing the service and always leave feeling supported and as though I’m in a position to move forward with my life.”


ACON’s substance support service is funded by Central Eastern Sydney PHN and Sydney North PHN. To complete a self-assessment of your alcohol or drug use click here