February 2, 2023

Party and Play Safety & Sydney World Pride

Do you PnP? Are you planning to have chemsex over Sydney World Pride?

If so,  ahead  of a big party season is a great time to reflect on your personal boundaries, set your limits and think about how to party safely.

If you are planning to PnP over World Pride, we invite you to book a time to chat with one of our M3THOD peers. Our M3THOD peers are trained, non-judgmental and friendly people with lived and living experience of PnP/chemsex.

If you’ve got questions about PnP or if you want to reflect on your party plans over Sydney World Pride or if you just want an open and safe opportunity to connect with someone who gets it; M3THOD is for you.  All conversations with M3THOD peers are strictly confidential.

 You can read more about M3THOD and book a M3THOD appointment here

Appointments take place either in person or online via telehealth. After you book your M3THOD appointment one of our peers will reach out to give you some more information.

You can also read more about preparing for PnP, setting chemsex boundaries and sticking to your limits by reading through  our Party and Play resources.