ACON Rovers & DanceWize NSW

Who are the ACON Rovers and DanceWize NSW?  

Both ACON Rover’s and DanceWize NSW services are peer-led services that promote a culture of care and safety at dance parties, events and festivals in NSW. During Sydney WorldPride, ACON Rovers and DanceWize NSW will be working together to provide care and harm reduction services to patrons.   

ACON Rovers have been a key component of ACON since 2003. The Rover project was initiated in response to a rise in the use of the drug GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) in party environments.  ACON Rovers specialise in providing harm reduction services, brief interventions and crowd care at events attended by LGBTQ+ communities.   

DanceWize NSW is a program of NUAA (NSW Users and Aids Association), which exists to advance and support the health, rights and dignity of drug users in NSW. DanceWize staff and volunteers are all recruited from the festival scene. They couple credible, evidence-based information, with the delivery of a range of peer-based harm reduction services. These include peer education about safer partying and safer drug use, provision of care spaces and roving teams at festivals, as well as training programs and advocacy.     

DanceWize NSW and ACON Rovers work closely with festival promoters, emergency medical, police, and security services to decrease harm experienced by people at large dance parties and music festivals. Rovers and DanceWize NSW teams will be working together at the Domain Dance Party, the Bondi Beach Party and Rainbow Republic. ACON Rover’s will also be roving at the Mardi Gras Party  Pride Village oxford street parties (4th- 5th of March only).   

How to recognise us during WorldPride?  

You can spot us during Sydney WorldPride parties in our ACON Rovers and DanceWize NSW uniforms. We will either be wearing our pink ACON Rover vests or our purple DanceWize NSW vests. We will also be sporting DanceWize NSW and Rover badges!  

If you or any of your friends are feeling at all distressed, overwhelmed or anxious during Sydney WorldPride, feel free to reach out to one of our friendly ACON Rover or DanceWize NSW volunteers for support. Or if you’re at a party and would like a bit more information about drug and alcohol safety, please feel free to visit the DanceWize NSW peer education booth. DanceWize NSW will also run a care space, this is a safe space that is near medical.    

Visit our websites to read more about ACON Rover’s services and DanceWize NSW services here.  

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