Finding an alcohol or drug service that understands the sexuality and gender diverse community

There are a range of services for people who are experiencing problems with their alcohol and/or other drug use, depending on their individual needs.

Options include:

  • Face to face counselling
  • Phone or online counselling
  • Group support
  • Detoxification and rehabilitation (which can mean either living at a treatment centre or day visits)
  • Medications like methadone (for people who use opioid drugs)
  • Supportive therapies like acupuncture, diet, massage and exercise can also be helpful

ACON offers an LGBTQ specific substance support service, visit this page for more information.

Tips for finding a service that understands the sexuality and gender diverse community

Finding the right worker to help you can be very individual. If you are uncomfortable with a particular worker it is okay to request another worker.

  • You have a right to an LGBTQ inclusive worker.
  • If you are unhappy with the service, it is important to provide feedback so that the service can be improved.
  • Remember not all programs work for everyone and it can mean that it is just a matter of finding the service that is the best fit for you ACON can assist you in finding the right service.

ACON is working closely with mainstream drug and alcohol services to build their understanding of the needs of our community.

For a list of alcohol and other drug services visit our services directory.

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