Why Loved Ones are important

Sexuality and gender diverse communities draw great strength and support from their peers and chosen families. This is particularly important as some of us do not have ongoing relationships with our biological families or families of origin. As a result many of us have forged our own family networks among our sexuality and gender diverse peers.

Seeking the support of a professional for issues related to drug and alcohol  use can be difficult as shame and denial often prevent people from getting help. Stigma associated with drug and alcohol use can also make people reluctant to access services out of fear of judgement and discrimination.

As sexuality and gender diverse people we face further barriers. Research shows that those of us who need support often don’t seek it. Many of us have had negative experiences with services that are not safe or inclusive for sexuality and gender diverse people.

We also know that many sexuality and gender diverse people use drugs and alcohol in the context of exploring sexuality and sexual intimacy. Not all of us are comfortable or confident to talk to a service provider about this experience.

For these reasons, the informal support provided by partners, families and friends is especially important to sexuality and gender diverse people.

One thing that we’re really good at in sexuality and gender diverse communities is looking after each other.

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