Party and Play Emergencies

As well as overdose there are other emergencies that can happen when we’re mixing sex and drugs. This page has information about other emergencies and how to respond.


Lodged objects 

Sometimes objects can become lodged in the anus, vagina or front hole. When this happens, we might have trouble removing them. Clenched muscles and being unable to relax can make this more difficult.  If some hours have passed, and relaxing or sitting on the toilet has not helped, you will need to go to emergency.

If you also have abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, nausea or fever, go to emergency as soon as possible or call 000. Although it is embarrassing, this scenario is common to emergency services.

Sustained erection (aka priapism)

Priapism is an erection that continues for hours and is not caused by sexual stimulation. It is usually painful. An unwanted and long-lasting erection can result from mixing erectile medications with drugs like crystal for sex. It may get better on its own within two hours, but it can cause permanent damage to the penis if not treated. Go to emergency if an unstimulated erection lasts for longer than two hours.


Drug-induced psychosis can sometimes happen when we do crystal for a long period of time and do not sleep. Sometimes if we experience psychosis, we might:

  • feel that people are watching us
  • hear voices
  • sense that people are judging
  • feel that something is urgent, dangerous and unsafe.

Drug- induced psychosis can happen to anyone and can be a difficult condition to manage or see.

The most effective help we can provide a person who is experiencing psychosis, is to help them to feel safe and relaxed in the environment they are in. You might consider:

  • lowering and reducing the changeability of the lighting
  • turning off music
  • stopping pornography.
  • Limiting the number of people speaking to them

Anything that makes them feel safer and more relaxed is helpful. Giving the person options is important. Do not deny or attempt to discredit psychosis symptoms as this can lead to more stress, or even aggression.

If someone experiencing psychosis becomes a danger to themselves or others, it is best for them to call 000. If they are unwilling to call 000, call yourself and let the telephone operator choose the safest action.  This is not a pleasant thing to have to do but sometimes we need to.

Calling for an ambulance can be stressful. For different reasons people may not want to call for help. They might fear legal or financial trouble. Remember ambulance officers are here to help. You can read more about what you can expect when calling for an ambulance here.


 The information provided on this page was taken from, David Stuart’s Chemsex First Aid resource this resource covers the information in more detail.




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